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Pregnancy period

Stop Wasting Money Going For Use For Pregnancy Test, Instead Use Sugar To Run Test

1. Sugar Pregnancy Test

Sugar has been used to test for pregnancy from a long time ago and is the most notable normal pregnancy testamong women.

What you necessity for the test

An ideal gut

One tablespoon stacked with sugar

An illustration of pee accumulated when you get up around the start of the day


Take one tablespoon of sugar in the bowl and pour the accumulated pee test on the sugar. By and by delay and watch.

Positive Sign

The pee of a pregnant women contains the chemical human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This chemical keeps sugar from dissolving.If you notice that the sugar doesn't expeditiously deteriorate anyway structure bunches rather, it is an away from of pregnancy.

Negative sign

If the sugar expeditiously deteriorates in the pee, it suggests that the pee doesn't contain hCG and thusly, you're not pregnant.


This test is for the most part harmless, and no exceptional prosperity measures and shows ought to be followed.

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Sugar Sugar Pregnancy Test


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