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Some of The Weirdest Things Bought Online Including An Imaginary Friend & Used Pregnancy Test

In the world we're living in today, anything can be sold, anything can be sold and I mean anything can be sold. Just recently a company was selling bottled air for huge amounts of money just because the air was bottled in China or Russia, basically meaning you'll be breathing the air from that country

In the world of marketing, they say anything can be sold provided the whatever product one is selling got enough exposure to the public or the seller presents it well when he/she sells it.

Ever since the E-commerce sites blew up in the scenes in the early 2000s and giving individuals the option to sell whatever cargo they no longer wanted, things have just never been the same again. People are selling all sorts of things that one would wonder who'd ever buy this thing.

Below is some of the weirdest things ever sold on an online platform

1. Imaginary Friend

2. Lady Gaga's Fake Nail

03. Breath

04. Used Pregnancy Test

What do y'all think?? Would you buy any of this stuff?? Lemme know in the comments section

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