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Life Skills Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids

We cannot compare our upbringing with that of our parents. Your parents did the best they could, mainly, they tried to do better than their parents, but it may not have been enough. The important thing is that you're still alive. Rather than just focusing on the things we wish our parents had taught us, we decided to be more introspective. After all, your present is rooted in your past, but your future depends on your present actions, so we wrote about the lessons we wish our parents had taught us.

There are 3 lessons you didn't learn from your parents, even though they should have, but lacked the wisdom or tools to impart.

Number 1: Three things are necessary to live a fulfilling life. 

Every person should pursue three fundamental things regardless of culture. No matter if you are Pedi, Shangani, Swati, Zulu, Xhosa, or San, these three things are important. Health, wealth, and happiness are the three factors. Being wealthy does not mean having a large bank account. Security, comfort, and care for the people you love are all part of it. You can help those who cannot care for themselves. When we don't sacrifice the future for momentary pleasure, we achieve health.

Happiness, the term itself is a bit difficult since people confuse it with pleasure, but that's not true. Happiness is experiencing a life that you can't believe you're living, one that is both enjoyable and exciting at the same time. Understanding and adapting to the world around you can lead to happiness. These three things were hard for your parents to describe or maybe they weren't even aware that they existed.

Number 2: Set yourself goals instead of wanting things. 

Ancient Buddhist teaching is still relevant today. I believe that desires are a contract you make with yourself that says that you won't be happy unless you fulfil them. This is why they can be so dangerous, since the moment you set them, you're already a long way from achieving them. There are many successful individuals in this world who set goals for themselves from an early age. However, valuing goals doesn't define where fulfilment comes from, no matter how much money you have in your bank account.

Your direction is determined by your goals. To meet your goals, you need to take certain actions. You can improve your life by setting a goal. This filters your actions.

Number 3: The difference between money problems and life problems.

Since they never learned to get over their money problems, they couldn't teach you this lesson. In reality, life is complicated, and problems come in two forms. Money is believed to be the answer to all of your problems by some people. It's hard to think about purpose or inner peace when you don't know how you'll feed your kids, but it's true. Money can solve some problems, but focusing on problems other than money is a luxury for many people, but it is not something that should be ignored.

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