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Be calm and be tolerant - South African ladies reveal how they deal with co-parenting

Nowadays, most children are raised by parents who do not leave together. This calls for cooperation between the two parents so that the child does not have to feel the void of any of them.

It is not everyone who does better at co-parenting. Sometimes you will find men complaining about women who are giving them hard times, but in most cases, it is women who complain about men who do not want to honor their roles to the fullest.

Yesterday I came across a thread of women revealing what it is they do to make their lives easier when dealing with fathers who do not want to play their role.

A woman called Nontobeko Njomane revealed that being calm and tolerant is the only way to make sure that there is peace. Nontobeko says she had pleaded for healthy co-parenting until she gave up. She has decided to remain calm and co-parent with the man she is co-parenting with.

A woman who calls herself Siya says the man she is co-parenting with is financially supportive, but he is not physically available for the child. To create peace, she chose to stay calm and let him do whatever he wanted. Siya says this man would promise to fetch their son so that they could spend time together, but fail to honor that promise. She told her son not to bother asking him to come around because he always disappoints him. It is sad because the man sees his son maybe three times a year, but he does not live far from them.

Siya says she told herself she would not push him into doing anything, but at the same time, she is not going to say "No" when he feels like he wants to spend time with his son.

I think being calm brings peace for the mothers, but at the same time, it makes these men believe that what they are doing is right. It is okay for them to fight for their peace of mind, but they should at least remind these men that their children miss spending time with them. They do not have to force things, but a gentle reminder might work a trick so that their children do not have to feel the void of their fathers.

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