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Mother Of A 14-Month-Old Baby Demands Answers From The Chreche After Her Child's Ear Was Cut Off.

A 14-month-old baby's mother is demanding answers from the childcare facility after her child's ear was cut off during routine care.

Her 14-month-old baby was found torn from the ear tissue, and when she inquired of the teachers, they said she had been bit by another two-year-old. Her heart was broken. One of Ayabonga's parents, Ntombikhona Mavela (31), expressed her biggest fear about the KwaDabeka crèche, which we have decided to withhold, was whether or not they would care to notify her and take the child to the doctor if an accident occurred on March 3. The crèche will be closed if the child is hurt.

In anguish and unable to be helped, my baby was injured around 10am and began crying uncontrollably. In response to my inquiry as to why they had not taken her to the clinic, they explained that they were running low on personnel and were hesitant to call because they knew I would be surprised by the size of it. Mother: "When doctors tell my baby's ear is torn, it will grow and its ears won't be exactly the same, because the cut flesh won't come back." His mother, he claimed, didn't even phone him to tell him her child had been hurt, and she continued writing him a letter and stuffing it in the baby's backpack as a form of communication.

When she returned to the crèche the following day, Ms Mavela said she requested a meeting with the kid's mother and the crèche governing council after taking the child to the clinic. Child's mom arrived and stated she was barred from coming to school because they said she couldn't fix the problem. When I realized that they were pressing my case, I went to the police and started a case with the education department where the crèches are run. There was a lot to be concerned about when the doorbell rang." "They helped me because it is the same they did not help me at all," the principal and the chairperson of the council threatened me at another meeting. "They helped me because it is the same they did not help me at all." Because I had cheated on them with the door, the recompense they would offer me for the harm done to my child would no longer smell.

The scar on my child's leg will be there for the rest of his or her life." Now that the child has been injured, it is being utilized as a means of abuse by simply fighting and biting with it. It's not uncommon that children are abused in kindergartens by domestic workers who are well-known for their bad behavior. What do we do with them if we can't keep up with the workload? "I even want the minister to intervene, my child has been given justice," said the kindergarten principal. The principal declined to comment because he said he hadn't commented on the matter.

According to him, "We had an interview with the parent and he asked for compensation; we discussed this with him, therefore I don't want to talk about it anymore." Police spokesman Lt.Colonel Nqobile Gwala said KwaDabeka police were investigating an allegation of child abuse in KwaZulu-Natal. No arrests have been made yet, he stated. If the incident is indeed true, an education department child care worker will investigate the crèche and the mother of the child to see what should be done about it, said KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education spokesperson Muzi Mahlambi.


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KwaDabeka Ntombikhona Mavela


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