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Husband and wife relationship

Saturday In House Gists - Things Men Go Through When Their Wives Are Pregnant

Saturday In House Gists - Things Men Go Through When Their Wives Are Pregnant.

When some women are expecting a child, they make outrageous demands and put an extraordinary amount of stress on those around them....

If you've ever been pregnant, you've probably noticed how some women seek things that are completely out of the ordinary. It's surprising how much this can worry others around them.... There are some of you who have been there and know exactly what I'm talking about.

So, husbands or anyone who has lived with a pregnant woman and had to wake up at midnight to go acquire food or things that were difficult to obtain, please share your experiences with us...

It was summer and there was no rain, so she begged her husband to buy her the smell of rain, but it was too hot and the weather was too dry.... She sobbed uncontrollably for this... chei

An additional woman desired that her husband dress up as a pregnant woman so that the two of them may converse about babies......

The husband of another woman was often giving her his hand to bite into when she got the urge.... By the time the baby arrived nine months later, his hand had become unrecognizable due to the bite scars on it.

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