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Reasons why a child born outside of marriage belongs to the maternal side of the family (opinion)

A child born outside the marriage belongs to the maternal side of the family, that child is introduced to the family as the child of the Grandparents (his or her mother's parents the paternal family has no right on the child regardless whether they are supporting the child or not.

The Boy Who impregnated The Girl may be asked to pay for damages for the girl, those damages does not include him having full custody of a child but rather they pay for sleeping with a girl before marrying them, that is where the confusion happens when people pay for the damages they think that their child now belongs to them and their families some go to an extent of changing the child's surname after that the child may end up sick because both ancestors frommaternal and paternal side want full ownership of them.

When the child parents decide to get married in future, the Grandparents of the child may give the permission for the child to go to his or her paternal family provided that they paid the damages of course, the ancestors from the maternal side will be addressed in a small ceremony about the child parents getting married and how they are giving the rights of the child to the blood parents, after that ceremony the paternal side can freely do their Customs of the child and the ancestors of the maternal side will not claim the child as theirs since they were addressed before the ceremony took place.

Times may have changed but our traditions and Customs do not change in any way, some of the children may seem like they reject the customs of their maternal side of the family but that does not mean they have to do their Customs to the paternal side of the family, all we have to do is to howl to the child and tell them that they do not have a choice but to accept the costoms that have been done to them and no custom that is more or less than that will be performed for them.

Sources: , Samuel Mthombeni , Luzuko Vazi

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Samuel Mthombeni


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