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When the unthinkable happens, The good The bad and The Funny

People going on holidays or spending time out in the sun and enjoying life, be very careful as in today's world anything could happen. And in the case of these unexpected vacationers well let's just say they might not want to relive these vacation blunders in our new Opera News special called "The good The bad and The funny". But we are thankfully that they managed to pull out their phones and take these priceless art work's of comedy. These hilarious images will have you on your fours before you finished wreading this article.

So this is why kids love the Circus?

No, in actual fact the children that are flipped over by their parents in this picture will grow up to be brilliant Scientist. Why? I'm glad you asked that question, because they're about to learn important but brutal lesson about physics and Newton's first law.

When your sister's like, I knew she was adopted

Never try to fit in always stand out is what I say to myself, does it work no, but it does make me feel good about myself. The dad though guys really.

That one time you and twenty girls had a fun night out

Ooh really, you and I both have heard that one before right, only to find the guy floating in the ocean photo bombing these girls picture wow.

Nothing about this picture makes sense, but wait

They say that black man aren't romantic and that they are afraid of water and also don't like animals. Well you know what I say to that right, how much are they paying.

When you use Jack Sparrow's compass to find your way

Yes honey this is not a nude beach you're in Port Elizabeth, nude beaches are in Cape town.

Ok I guess we forget what going to beach meant

going to the beach only to watch it in virtual reality, that's what we doing know and I'm sorry but that's not even funny.

When you feel like you've been stiff armed by a rugby player

And you're trying to impress your dad but he ends up laughing at you the loudest, that's why I don't do back flips or any kind of flip.

You you are in need of a different kind of chair

Enough said, I know a lot of you guys are gonna try this one.

When you know that she knows that you are going to propose

Trying to take the scent of your proposal away and out of her mind, get it the scent of course you guys get it.

Reminds me of Kevin Hart's famous dad, "say it with your chest"

Yeah right just because you're in the Navy dad doesn't mean that your son is a Seal. Please stop doing this to your children. I just can't stop laughing though am I a bad person.

This is what really happened to the Titanic

I'm serious.


"Well that's it for the unthinkable, I'm sure you are probably thinking of your worse moments under the sun and how embarrassed you might have felt. It happens to the best of us but always remember to stay smiling and not to forget always take a picture for memories".

Content created and supplied by: THEMADKING (via Opera News )

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