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3 Lies Women Tell To Get Money From Men and They Fall For Them, All the Time

Women are always in need for money. Sometimes it may be for real life and death kind of situation and sometimes it's absolutely for nothing ( material things such as weaves, clothes and accessories.)

Iam Pregnant

This lie is very common a lot of women use pregnancy to get money from men. A woman when telling this lie will often come up to you and say they're pregnant.

And they don't want to keep the baby so, obviously they need money to terminate pregnancy. Men often fall for this ploy and give a woman money.

I Made a Laybye, now I can't pay for it

A woman would come to you asking for help to complete payment of a laybye. This is usually a lie, they might have paid the full amount or simply want you to pay the full price.

She'll make you pay twice or three times for those clothes. So next time a woman ask for help to complete payment give her half the price of what she's asking for.

Emotional Card

You're with your girlfriend window shopping or shopping for something important. Then, your girlfriend plays the emotional card " if only I have the money, I wish had that.

"Those shoes would look good on me, I really need money as soon as possible, I'll make a plan." This makes most men feel like they're not good enough. So they'll fall for that.

Content created and supplied by: Andrina.Ndaba (via Opera News )

Iam Pregnant Laybye


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