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Girl says she misses a week of school each month because she can not afford sanitary pads

A student by the name of Opoku says every month she misses a week of school each month because she can't afford to buy sanitary pads, she once stained her uniform and got teased by the boys which affected her confidence.

Opoku is a 15-year girl from Ghana and her parents both work as farmers. The cost of pads has more than doubled in Ghana, where inflation is about 32% which forces poor families to focus on buying food then toiletries.

"Sanitary pads are very expensive, I sometimes use toilet paper roll, baby diapers, or a cloth during my menses," said Opoku.

Health experts and charities say that inflation has pushed up the cost of sanitary pads in many African countries, which has resulted in driving more girls out of school or to unhygienic alternatives that could cause them infection or infertility.

In Zimbabwe, the price of pads increased by 117% and by 50% in Congo by Apr compared to January in the same year. This has raised concern as people will prioritize spending more on their health. Girls could find themselves sleeping with older men to get by.


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