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'See Photos Of A 39 Years Old Man That Acts Like A Baby And Why

'See Photos Of A 39 Years Old Man That Acts Like A Baby And Why.

This is a weird and strange story; how can an adult behave like a small child? It sounds hilarious. This is a man's daily routine; he spends his days pretending to be a giant boy.

Stanley Thornton is a 39-year-old man who lives as if he were a small child. Stanley leads a double life: he appears to be an adult outside his home but behaves like a child inside. This act is not the product of a psychiatric disorder or other strange illness; rather, it is a stress control strategy used by Thornton.

Thornton would dress up in a playsuit or a baby pinafore and sleep every night in his large baby crib, surrounded by colorful mobiles. His roommate behaves as though she were his mother, waking him up every morning and feeding him with a baby feeding bottle or a baby spoon.

He would change into adult clothes if he wanted to leave his house. Thornton began wetting his pants when he was 13 years old, prompting him to begin wearing diapers. He began bed wetting during the day when he was 20 years old, requiring him to wear a diaper all day.

Check out his photos below.

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