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Prayer: May You Grant Me Grace To Right Every Wrong In My Family And Present A Harmonious Family Bef

Any family must have a balanced relationship for there to be harmony. Children love and respect their parents, as do parents for one another and for the kids. God's intention for every family is as stated. By doing this, the family will get the inheritance due to those who faithfully served Christ.

The kids have highly fragile and sensitive hearts. Almost nothing that is sown in is deleted. and for this reason, parents should begin their children's lives with the Word of God, correction, guidance, and the sowing of all good seeds.

Children were not given the chance to express themselves or participate in family affairs many years ago, and as a result, they kept dying in silence. Many of them turned to their peers for comfort, and some were seduced; thank God for the wonderful improvements that have occurred today. The following will strengthen the bond between parents and children for happier families.

1. Teach them the word from an early age to bring them up in the way and admonition of the Lord (Pro. 22:6)

2 Make every effort within your power to prevent angering your kids (Eph 6.4)

3. Correct them when they make mistakes and enforce suitable punishmentas required (Prov. 23: 13 14).

4. Set aside money for them; leave as much of an inheritance as you can (Prov. 19:14)

5. Be their closest friends in exchange for a little freedom (Prov. 18:24).

6. Join them in their joy, take pleasure in them, and acknowledge their efforts.

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