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Photos| A Lady Shared Photos Of Her Husband and Baby But Mzanzi Noticed Something else, See Comments


One thing about babies is that they soften anyone’s heart. No matter how you tell yourself that you don’t want a baby, when you see a newborn’s smile, your heart will be moved. Babies are so cute and adorable, especially when they smile at you. They change your entire world and mindset towards them.



A young lady caused a stir on social media after posting photos of her beautiful new baby and her father bonding. Let me share a secret with you. No matter how cold-hearted a man can be, the moment they hold their newborn, they literally activate the sweet and loving mode. See Beautiful photos of a father and daughter caused a stir on social media:


After the photos were posted, Mzanzi noticed something unusual about the baby. They noticed that the baby was smiling. Many people were surprised because new borns usually spend their first days crying, but with this one it’s different. She has the most beautiful and pleasing smile. See how people reacted after seeing these beautiful pictures.


This is the most beautiful photo I’ve seen so far, other than the baby’s smile, how at how the father is smiling. His smile is evident that he’s a proud father. Nowadays, it is very rare for a boy to be so happy about being a father. Our generation is scared of responsibility and the majority of them run away from childcare responsibilities.


This picture caused a stir on Twitter. Some even went on to ask what he did to the baby to make her smile this much.



In Xhosa we will tell you why they look like they are smiling. It is called "imfuxa" (infant colic). Some babies cry a lot, some will give you a smile like this one, some will cling to their fists, some will hug you and give you that open-mouth kiss.

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