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Why do I find chubby girls attractive, and why is it so rare

To understand why it is so rare, we need to understand how basic survival instinct works. Two types of cues trigger our attraction to fat girls: estrogen and testosterone. Oestrogen makes us attracted to bigger bodies, as it is linked to positive body image. Testosterone makes us want to mate with a bigger body as it is linked to higher sex drive and aggression.

I have never liked chubby women. It’s intensely frustrating that they can be seen as both beautiful and fat at the same time. Nevertheless, it’s good that chubby girls are now more accepted and even celebrated, and it’s a darn shame it’s been so difficult for them to get their deserved recognition.

Genes, hormones, and lifestyle contribute to the body’s preference for chubby girls. The body’s preference itself is not due to a flaw in our genes, nor is it caused by bad parenting. It comes from nature. Nature gives us a preference for chubby girls because they are healthier than other girls.


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