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5 Strongest Kids In The World

PHOTO: YouTube

It is said that if you wanna be extremely good at something, you have to start training at an early age. Although kids start winning competitions at a young age, you'll rarely find them beating on their craft on a daily basis to become even better. Most of the time they do what normal kids do such as watching TV and playing with toys, but there are some kids who were born different. Below is a list of 5 strongest kids In the world.

5. Liam Hoekstra

PHOTO: The Sun

Do you believe in superhumans? Well, if you had the idea that they only exist in comic books or movies then you might have to reconsider. Meet one the world's strongest toddlers, Liam Hoekstra.

PHOTO: Real life Superhumans

He was given up for adoption by his biological mother, he was adopted by a lovely couple who did not know that he'd bring them fortune. Liam first showcased his strength at 5 months old when he did an iron cross.

PHOTO: The Sun

His parents were amazed by this and started sending him for gymnastics. Normally a baby starts walking at 15 months or slightly less than that, but Liam started walking up and down the stairs at 6 months all by himself.

PHOTO: The Sun

While other kids his age were busy with toys and eating dirt, Liam was busy practicing on how to nail the chin bar challenge. At three years old, he could do as many sit ups as a six year old. Using a hand held device to see how much pressure be could hold, he was able to shift 5.9 kgs without running out of breath.

PHOTO: The Sun

Kids his age at that time could only shift 1kg so Liam was as strong as a seven year old at that time. His parents didn't think he was normal so they decided to take him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with muscle hypertrophy which means that his muscles and bones grow rapidly without having any side effects.

PHOTO: The Sun

This disorder means that Liam can simply sit on the couch, eat as much as he wants and still not get fat. Pretty impressive huh?

4. Arat Hosseini

PHOTO: The Daily Mail

It wouldn't be normal to describe a body of a toddler as being chisel but in the case of Arat Hosseini you may have to reconsider that thought.

PHOTO: The Sun

The soccer prodigy, Instagram star, as well as expert gymnast is just some of the labels that people use to describe the talented starlet.

PHOTO: The Daily News

Born in September 2013, Arat first made headlines around the world when a video of many thought was a girl dribbling an opponent went viral and many dubbed him as the "Little Lionel Messi."

PHOTO: Instagram

That girl turned out to be a boy which is Arat himself. His father has been training him over since he was toddler and at 9 months old, Arat had already done gymnastics. At 2 years old, he had already appeared in international publications.

PHOTO: Pinterest

Although what Arat is doing is really impressive, many are concerned about his health. However if he continues the way he does on the football field, he'll become quite sensational player.

3. Yang Jinlong

PHOTO: China foto press

Most kids grow up with the wisdom that if they eat too many vegetables, they'll grow up to be big and strong. However there's a kid in China that doesn't need that kind of talk.

PHOTO: China foto press

In 2020 Yang Jilong made headlines for weighing 50Kg at the age of 7. He first showed his incredible strength at 9 months when he lifted an oil barrel weighing 11 pounds.

PHOTO: Daily Mail

He showcased his strength in a series of strength tests. He would piggyback his father who weighs 90kgs in front of his neighbours. He is so strong that he can pull a car full of passengers.

PHOTO: Stuttershock

His family credits his appetite for his formidable strength. Apparently he eats 3 bowls of rice or noodles for each meal.

2. Giuiliano Stroe

PHOTO: Twitter

Who said there's a specific age for body building? Well meet Giuiliano Stroe who is one of the world's strongest kids in the world who was born in June 2004.

PHOTO: Twitter

He is the first youngest Ukrainian gymnast to be ever recorded in the Guinness book of records. In 2009 aged 5, Giuliano set the record for fastest 10 meter hand walk with a weight ball between his legs. He performed in front of a cheering audience in a Italian show and that has since made him an internet sensation.

PHOTO: Twitter

A year later in February 24th in 2010, Giuliano broke the world record for the number of 90 degree push ups. In an exercise where push ups are performed without letting your feet touch the ground, he managed 20, beating his previous record of 12.

PHOTO: Fitness Health

By 2011, he could manage 20 of them and ever since then his been breaking numerous records on a yearly basis. His accomplishments include a human flag for one minute and thirty two seconds.

PHOTO: Twitter

His other records include: human flag pull ups for 21 times, muscle ups for 41 times, 20 push ups on four glass bottles, 90 degree push ups on two rings, 40 hand stand push ups, one handed push ups for more than 20 seconds, and an iron cross for more than 40 seconds.

1. Richard Sandrak

PHOTO: Pinterest

Born in 1992, this Ukrainian was introduced to work outs and mixed martial arts by his parents at the age of 2. At the age of 6, Sandra was able to lift an incredible 82 kgs on a bench press which helped him claim his title as the world's strongest boy as well as his nickname, "Little Hercules."

PHOTO: Pinterest

At 8 years old, he was bench pressing 95kgs. At childhood he worked out with his dad and he would do 600 push ups and sit ups a day.

PHOTO: Network High Salary

He never had the opportunity to do play with other kids as he was constantly training. His father made sure he was unable to eat junk. He became a popular figure not only through body building but also from his martial arts skills and his appearances on TV.

PHOTO: Network High Salary

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