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Pregnancy period

Amukelani’s surprise baby shower was so beautiful, she couldn’t stop crying #TeenagePregnancy

Television slot Moja Love is raising the stakes in their new contributions as they introduce new Network programs including a narrative reality series handling youngster pregnancy.

Moja Love says the youngster pregnancy insights in South Africa are terrifying and that their new show, Teen Pregnancy, is a narrative that will keep on focusing on the issue.

Young Pregnancy archives three youngsters Ntando, Zanele and Amo, all matured 17, and their excursion to becoming adolescent moms. Every episode follows these teens as they explore through adulthood and pregnancy.

The prospective high schooler mothers' accounts will investigate how they tackle difficulties in their families, companions, schools, religion and tattle.

On this evening's episode Zanele discoveres the agonies and troubles of labor and Ntando's child daddy is prepared to recognize and get a sense of ownership with his kid.

Zanele got impregnated by her alleged male companion Smanga. Smanga acknowledged that he was answerable for zanele's pregnancy however Smanga' s mother and auntie are neglecting to acknowledge it. They requested DNA when the kid is conceived. Smanga's family was exceptionally impolite and insolent towards Zanele's family during the gathering of reporting pregnancy.

On the present episode the child is at last here. Additionally I wonder where this healthy woman that accompanied Smanga was the point at which they previously went to illuminate them about the pregnancy. She would have had the option to assist them with taking care of the circumstance better than it went.

Zanele mother might be drinking however she's as yet a mother to this kid tragically this kid is managing issues including DNA tests at her age. It's weighty on moms. It's pitiful .

Amukelani got impregnated by a boy who as of now has a first child. Amukelani's mom was neglecting to acknowledge Amukelani's pregnancy, as she had tremendous dreams for her. She additionally recommended for her to cut short the child however it didn't work out. On the present episode it's a delightful day and it's Amo'd child shower.

Ntando is a 17 year old pregnant young lady who is being raised by a single parent. Ntando's mother is an extremely warm and inviting mother in spite of the fact that she is discontent with her pregnancy, she supports adores her still. Ntando's sweetheart disappeared after he had some awareness of the pregnancy, just for him to appear 7 months after the fact with a plastic sack brimming with food. He is prepared to be answerable for his activities.


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