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Ladies stop doing this to man, Watch Baby shower goes viral on social media

Baby shower is where pregnant woman receiving various gifts from family or friends baby shower is like a ceremony. There real reason for baby shower is to boost morale for pregnant women especial when she's about to give birth at 6 or 7 months. Baby shower is one of the most cutest thing you ever seen it's like a party and unborn baby they said it would be blessed if it got baby shower and everyone will be praying 4 little one to be born safe. Every pregnant woman's dream is to see her child born healthy and growing up without a problem like any other childrens. 

In this 21st century baby shower now tend father of the unborn baby to be present. But I don't agree with it some of the things should not include man especially this one because is include a lot of women and no room for men. The reason that, for a let's take a look at this picture below this man and his girlfriend or wife in baby shower and this guy was so embarrassed. Watch how uMzansi reacted. 


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