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The struggles that come with raising teenagers.

The brain of teenagers is something uneven, and sometimes makes life for us a little unequal adults or potholes. Everything is good, though .

Finally, these teenagers of action madness are ours, and we love them. You see, heres, the brain of teenagers does not develop as much as our brain.

In addition, your brain also develops unevenly. Yes, it is true! You see the area of a brain of young people who control executives and is responsible for decision-making and impulse control, as other parts of their mind.

It is possible that you do not fully develop this part of your brain to 20 years. If you consider this lobby world of teenagers, it is not surprising why we are temporarily crazy, especially if you have the opposite of what we just told you.

In addition, our teenagers long long for their own independence. This is a good thing because we do not want you to live with us forever, especially if you question ourselves without stopping us as your kind of game for you, as my son already does.

Our smiling and touching and playing together with our small game of teenagers, from 20 questions without flukeness, so that life will eventually pay with our children who grew up and became responsible adults.

Parents, be happy, because we know in the end, what to do with our teenagers. We once were teenagers. Although the world has changed, and it is not seen as that when we knew it while we grow up, young people are still teenagers. Trust our breeding instinct.

We have this father! Remember, nobody knows our children like us. Then we will not represent every year to meet our children. We do not lose the solid relationships, which we only build on our foster because of some potholes.

While driving through teenville. Well, when my grandson has always said, "Go to learn to steer and get the way into a better world for all of us." We can do this. And again, parents, thanks in advance for everything they do, and all they will do.

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