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Meet the single mothers who turn their grief to grace by being this useful

Being a single parent is not easy for anyone. It becomes even worse for a teenage mother who gets to take care of the child at her home after the father's disappearance.

A woman called Shirleen Mukami shared her heartbreaking story on social media before disclosing what it is that keeps her going as a parent.

Shirleen does not see a reason to celebrate as her son will be turning 5 months old on the 15th of November. The reason why she does not see the reason to celebrate him is because of what his father put her through. She is the woman who had to spend her pregnancy period without the support of the man who impregnated her. She says the man denied being responsible for her pregnancy, but she is so sure that the baby is his.

The man came to the point of forcing her to terminate the baby, but she decided against it and also left him in the process. She did not only lose him, but she also lost the kind of relationship she had with her parents, as well as her friends and social life.

There is a lot of stress that Shirleen went through during pregnancy and after giving birth. As she thought about how she was going to raise her baby without any income, she invited her friend, who called other friends, and together they formed a group that supports young mothers who are raising children without the help of their fathers.

The group shares ideas about independently raising children, and they also support each other emotionally. They not only do this for themselves, but they also pay visits to other single mothers who have had their children's fathers disappear. As they pay for those visits, they do not forget to bring essentials such as diapers, baby lotions, wipes, and more.

I think what these ladies are doing comes from being unselfish. They are doing this without support because they know the pain of what other women are going through. I wish there could be someone out there who is wealthy enough to support them so that they can turn their vision into reality.

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Shirleen Shirleen Mukami


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