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Pregnancy period

Check Out Lovely Pictures Of Pregnant Women Embracing Their Stretch Marks

The vast majority of pregnancy photos you see online have been heavily Photoshopped so that they are devoid of flaws. They get rid of the stretch marks and a slew of other pregnancy-related issues. Most women have a beautiful figure throughout pregnancy, but this isn't true for all women. It doesn't matter.

Stretch marks are a big problem for many women both during and after pregnancy. They appear later in pregnancy as your tummy starts to expand and resemble lines on the skin.

Because of the quick stretching of the fibers that allow your skin to expand, stretch marks will appear as the elastic supporting tissues in your body begin to shift. Stretch marks usually start out as red or brownish patches due to the presence of blood vessels. Stretch marks will darken and change color over time.

Having stretch marks when pregnant is quite normal — in fact, almost half of the Pregnant Women you'll encounter have them. Pregnancy stretch marks run in the family; if your mother or grandmother had them, you're more likely to have them as well.

Stretch marks are more likely to appear if your stomach grows during pregnancy and becomes very large. Pregnant women are more likely to have stretch marks if they are carrying more than one child, or if they gain weight during pregnancy and scratch their stomachs excessively.

Pregnancy stretch marks are a part of you; every mother will look back on them and recall when they were pregnant with their children and how they made them seem so beautiful. During pregnancy, stretch marks form on women's tummies and tell a tale. Women should learn to accept these stretch marks.

The majority of expecting mothers have opted to accept their lovely stretch marks as a part of their body and not regard it as a defect. See the amazing images below;

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