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Pregnancy period

Pregnant lady warns ladies after posting this pictures on social media

Ladies in case you thinking of falling pregnant, you better think twice before making that decision as they say pregnancy is a scam, don't be fooled by people saying it's fun and all that. First things first you need to know that when you became pregnant your life stops completely as you need to focus on your pregnancy, morning sickness, gaining weight, mood swings, sometimes a man might even leave you because you change this includes your looks. You should look at the possibilities of the above happening.

A lady took to her social account warning women that in case they are thinking of going out to sleep at someone's house *meaning sleeping at man's place to sleep with a man * this picture should motivate them to stay at, otherwise, you will end up like her.

Some people have a mindset that if it's raining they should spend time with their lovers because that's where they enjoy being together. And it is said that that's when a lot of women fall pregnant during that time, as they get confused by the cold weather.

Like this past weekend,d it was one of those rainy days, so this woman was trying to warn women that they should think twice before going to a man's house, and just to remind them that when it happens they go and then sleep with a man fall pregnant they will be all alone for the coming 9 months.

And not only this weekend it's already that season where it will be raining time and time again and it will help them to take this warning seriously, as days like this are coming and just to remind you again that it's already December time, that time of the year where people are going out to have fun, just in case you think he will take you with you wherever his going think twice he won't, instead he will leave you at his place if you decided to visit him, while he doesn't mind spending time with you now.

While your friends are also thinking of going out you will be left alone, so be wise to stay at home if you know what's best for you, because no one will stay with you to play happy couples with you, but you will be all alone by yourself because that's how men are it takes two to make a baby, but you will be alone at labor ward while he's busy with his friends just think about it.

It's not a laughing matter, but they are laughing let's hope they will take the advise.

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