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Moms please check your babies before living the hospital look what a mother found on her babys head


 Mothers are unique and will do their best to protect their babies and send them extra letters to ensure their babies are safe and healthy at all times. As for the child's mother, she worries about everything, no matter how trivial things, some people may not understand, but let it go, this is their nature.

 There is nothing worse than a 9-month-old baby, just knowing that there is a problem with the baby, but as long as you are pregnant, there is no problem and everything is fine. It is always wise for mothers to observe babies before they go to the hospital, because accidents happen.

 The mother of the newborn baby, NEOHOUW DIEGH MOGALE, took the stage to share a group of so-called pregnant women. When she returned home, she was shocked to see the BUMP on the baby's head. Her biggest fear is that maybe something will happen to her child like that, and then she decides to go back to the hospital and ask what is on her child's head? She was told that this was not a bad thing for the baby, because her mother was urging her to give birth, and she didn't have to worry about a few days.

 How can you tell a worried mother that if she sees something in her baby's head that she has never seen before, she doesn't worry, because her mother's culture makes her childbirth not uncommon? Sometimes it is difficult to trust nurses because mistakes will occur and no one can tell what actually happened because they may be protecting their work.

 Some people on social media don't like this. Although it's not uncommon for some women to try to explain it, some people don't believe that they think the baby has been thrown away and should go back to the hospital to check the baby instead of telling him his daily routine. Others say that it hurts when the baby is pulled, which is why the baby has lumps.

 As someone who is going through various life experiences, it’s always a good idea if you have something you don’t understand, especially when it comes to children. Because they are weak, they may look better at first, but they will meet later. To other questions. Therefore, it is not wrong for a mother to ask her child for something.

 In this case, no one knows the true meaning of a baby having a donkey. So if anyone has any information on this topic, please share your experience with others, it may be helpful to mothers there.

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