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He Kept Where He Worked As a Secret For Years So That His Daughters Could Go To School, Then This

Nothing is more essential to parents than the well-being of their most prized possessions, their children.

This story will prove that once more, and no one will be unaffected.

Idris is a poor Bangladeshi worker who is the father of three daughters. His wonderful narrative about his enormous love for his daughters has captivated the entire internet.

Akash, a well-known GMB photographer, widely disseminated Idris' confession on the internet, which stunned hundreds of people.

This father of three daughters battled poverty and worked nonstop to clean sewers so that his daughters may have a brighter future and attend college.

I never told my children about my profession since I didn't want them to feel embarrassed by it, so when my youngest daughter asked what I was doing, I simply responded that I was a worker.

I took a shower every day before going home, so I was able to completely remove all signs of my work environment.

I wanted my daughters to go to school and obtain an education, and I wanted them to be able to converse with others while holding their heads up, so no one would look down on them like they did with me.

People have always made fun of me because I spent money on my girls' education, never buying new clothes for myself, and instead buying books for them.

I was just a regular sewer cleaner, and all I wanted was respect. I couldn't work that day since I didn't have enough money to pay for my daughter's tuition.

My heart was devastated as I sat next to the trash, unable to work since I lacked the strength to do it. My coworkers looked at me but no one approached me.

I couldn't imagine telling my girls that I couldn't afford to pay for their educations; I was born poor, and nothing good could ever happen to a poor guy, I reasoned.

After a long day of work, my coworkers approached me, sat down, and asked whether I considered them brothers; before I could respond, they placed all of the money they had made that day in my palm.

When I refused, they replied that we'd rather starve to death if that's what it takes, but our daughters need to go to college.

I didn't know what to say, and I didn't shower that day, so I returned home smelling like a sewer. My daughters no longer allow me to work now that my oldest daughter has graduated from university.

One of them got a part-time job, while the others work as consultants, but my college-aged daughter frequently drives me to my former workplace, where she feeds my coworkers.

They laughed and questioned why she does it, to which she said, "You didn't eat that day to help me become who I am now," and that they should pray for me so that I can bring food for you every day."

Idris Said: "Now I don't feel poor, because who could feel poor with daughters like that?"

Idris was able to provide schooling to three gorgeous girls as a result of his hard labor, and this humble man's story has inspired many others. With his bare hands, he had to dive into the sewers and clear the clogs.

Meanwhile, his coworkers' actions are as remarkable, demonstrating once again that individuals are capable of genuine assistance to others.

Respect and appreciate your hardworking parents, and always lend a helping hand to your friends, because a friend in need is definitely a friend.

Share this tale with your friends and family; you never know who it will help.

What are your thoughts on this humble father? It's difficult to find dad like this.

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I appreciate it.

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