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Child support grants should be increased to R1500 because things are expensive.[Opinion]

Many people in our country are not working and some parents are relying on the money cause they don't work, unemployment rate is too high. And some are working but they are not earning enough and on their other hand things are expensive child support grants is not enough. That is why i say the grants should be increased to R1500 so that all need of our children should be covered.

President Cyril Ramaphosa should make a plan and increase the grants to R1500, because children are expensive they require alot of money. Especially for a baby cause you have to buy Medicine,Food,Milk, Nappies and clothes at least after two months because they are growing up real quick fast. And the social grants must not be spend recklessly cause is there to support a child and now that winter is around the corner, if they could increase it might help to buy winter clothes.

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