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Meet Top Female Celebrities Who Almost Died During Childbirth

In today's society, it is uncommon to talk of women dying while giving birth. Because it is so little discussed, people mistakenly believe that it no longer occurs. Unfortunately, this is untrue. Women still die during childbirth or come dangerously close to doing so, even though it may not be as common as it previously was.

Women can pass away during childbirth for a variety of causes. Postpartum hemorrhage, complications from improper abortions, pregnancy hypertension, infections, and labor obstruction are the most frequent reasons for a woman to die while giving birth. Whatever the reason, it is among the most tragic things that could possibly occur. Fortunately, because to advancements in medicine, fewer women are dying during childbirth now than ever before.

Marjorie Carey

The world fell in love when Mariah Carey wed Nick Cannon. Although this marriage didn't last, it gave birth to two adorable twins. 2011 saw the birth of Monroe and Moroccan. The diva may have died as a result of her pregnancy's complications.

Carey suffered from pre-eclampsia and diabetes related to pregnancy. Organ failure and high blood pressure are symptoms of pre-eclampsia. Sounds dull. Carey's twins were delivered via emergency C-section at 38 weeks. Many women do not recover from this illness, but Carey did. Prenatal exams are crucial.

Kardashian, Kim

Since OJ, the Kardashians have continued to gain fame. When Kim wed Kanye and gave birth to two children, everything went crazy. Kim's pregnancy was awful, and sanctimommies made fun of her for the weight she put on, the names she gave her kids, and pretty much anything else related to her mothering skills.

She appeared to have it all, but she had a risky pregnancy issue that could have killed both her and the baby. Preeclampsia. Due to a potentially harmful disease, Kim K had to deliver her first child early. Kim is using her terrible ordeal to inform other women about the symptoms.

Holden, Amanda

English actress, presenter, and Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden. Holden has had a difficult time finding a family. In 2006, Holden and Chris Hughes welcomed a child. They tried to have a family in 2010, but they miscarried. Their 7-month-old son was stillborn the next year.

Hollie was born to Holden in 2012. Due to placenta previa, Holden lost 15 liters of blood after giving birth. She suffered a cardiac arrest and required weeks of intensive care. Hollie and Amanda are OK. Placenta previa appears to be common.

Paltrow, Gwyneth

Gwyneth, a supermom, almost died during her third pregnancy. When you do the math, you discover that she only has two children, but stick with me. She sings, dances, and performs. Although she is best known for her acting, she also sang on Glee. Apple Paltrow and Chris Martin's daughter was born in 2004. Moses showed up two years later.

The first two deliveries and pregnancies were typical, but there was a third. She almost died after miscarrying. I had a dreadful pregnancy with my third, she admitted to YOU magazine. When it failed, I almost passed out. Fortunately, she didn't.

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