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8 celebs who are best friends with their mothers

We all have one thing in common with A-list actresses, singers, and renowned people: our mothers brought us into this world. We can express our affection for them in a variety of ways. Some celebs and their mothers are closest friends, and they've decided to let us in on the secret.

We all wanted to share the following short stories that some of our favorite celebrities openly shared about their special mothers out of love for mothers all over the world.

Rami Malek & Nelly Malek

Rami Malek honored his mother first when he won the Oscar for Best Actor for his part in Bohemian Rhapsody. "Oh, no... my mother is somewhere in here." Oh, how I adore you! "Lady, I adore you!" It's no surprise that most performers' thank-you speeches begin with, "I'd want to thank my Mom..." Just take a look at this video; it's a powerful collection of thank-yous, and we won't lie, it made us cry.

Chris Pratt and Cathy Pratt

Chris Pratt took to Instagram to wish his mother a happy Mother's Day, writing, "Happy Mother's Day to my mum Kathy." Thank you for your delight, your sincere dreams, your lack of cynicism, and your enthusiasm for all things amusement and recreation. We are all extremely grateful to have had you as a mother when we were growing up. You gave us every moment of your life. And, despite our difficulties, we smiled every day. Thank you very much. I adore you.

Reese Witherspoon & Betty Reese

Reese shared this gorgeous photo of herself and her mother on Mother's Day, along with the following caption. "Talking to my mother is the nicest part of my day." Her wit, her grin, and her generous laughter at my blunder. When I see her face, every day becomes a little bit better. I'm looking forward to hugging her once more! It's one of the things I really miss. Hug your mother today, if you are able!"

Justin Timberlake & Lynn Bomar Harless

Justin Timberlake refers to his mother as a "Super Hero Mother," and he is correct; our mothers all possess superhuman abilities. "I'm very fortunate to have you as a guide on this crazy journey!" You've taught me a lot, and I'll always remember what you've taught me. You're still the best cinnamon-sugar toast maker on the planet. Mom, I adore you."

Ryan Reynolds & Tammy Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and his mother have a close relationship, and he even accompanies her to red carpet events. "I adore my mother. Her desire to attempt everything is admirable. She took off on this motorcycle with one of my dear high school pals around 4 months ago.

Dwayne Johnson & Ata Johnson

In 2015, this touching post went viral, demonstrating the sacrifices mothers make for their children. "I'm sitting across from my Mom when she looks at me and says, "Son, I can't believe the life I've had... grandma and grandpa would be so proud," Dwayne explained. "Are you pleased, ma?" I inquired. "Do I think I'm content?" ... I used to be concerned about how I was going to buy groceries for us, but now all I have to do is sit down and eat my breakfast."

"Yes, son, I couldn't be happier," she exclaims through tears. And you know how wonderful it is for us when our parents tell us they're happy because it implies we've done a good job as their children.

Jessica Biel & Kimberly Biel

"Celebrating my lovely Mom... who has taught her kids and grandkids to support, love, and respect everyone, especially women," Jessica captioned a photo of herself and her mother.

Keanu Reeves & Patricia Taylor

We all adore Keanu Reeves, and we can't tell you how much we adore him. "I want to thank my Mom — who, when I spoke to her when I was 15, 'Is it acceptable if I'm an actor?' she answered, 'Do anything you want to do, sweetheart!" he got emotional during one of his acceptance award speeches.

Mothers, wherever you are, know that we appreciate and acknowledge every sleepless night, every cent you spent on us instead of yourself, and everything you've given up for us to have a wonderful life. We love you forever and ever, whether we are too selfish with our words or simply don't know how to say it.

What are your unique ways of expressing your love for your mother? What would you say to her right now if you had the chance?


Content created and supplied by: RefilweSylvester (via Opera News )

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