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Couple Showed Off Their Baby But This Is What People Noticed

A man recently sparked confusion on social media after showing off his beautiful baby. And social media users came in numbers to speak out on their confusion.

There are interracial couples and that's something we are all used to. In the picture shared by the man, it can be seen that the baby is Indian, and that's totally usual. But the baby's partenity raised questions after he showed off his baby mama. "She is black"

She is a lightskinned black woman, but definitely not an Indian woman. And having an Indian baby whilst both parents are black is almost impossible. Most social media users have suggested that it might be the wrong baby or he might not be the father.

However, according to science, there is a possibility that the baby is theirs. One or both of the parents might be linked to an ancestral line that has Indian people. Making them recessive gene holders of Indians which can be possibly passed down to the baby.

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