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A mother finally explains why her child does not look like her

A lady who goes by the name of Penelope left people with so many unanswered questions after posting the picture of herself and her cute baby. This comes after people noticed that this mother and her baby look way too different. This mother is dark in complexion and her baby is light-skinned, and for that reason, people needed some answers.

Clearly, people don't understand or believe that a child can look like his or her father, people expected this child to look a little bit like her mother, at least resemble one feature from her mother. This mother loves her child to death and she just kept posting her on Twitter and sharing how much she loves being a mother "Bring a mom is such a beautiful thing" said this proud mother.Shortly after this lady posted the picture of herself holding her baby; questions were asked: "So you are the biological mother??" Asked a curious Twitter user. "Is this your baby, like yours?" Asked another curious Twitter user.Since people kept on asking questions, this mother hopped into the comment section and explain why her kid looks different from her. According to this mother, the father of her child is Coloured "Sis you gotta tell me your man's what?? You guys outdid yourselves" asked a Twitter user and this mother was propelled to reveal the race of the father of her child "Haha ke le colored hle (her father is a coulred)" revealed this mother.

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