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Mnakwethu: Mashelembe's baby shower went well and she also got pampered, See pictures


This is amazing look how beautiful this lady is, we praise God for what you have done in her life ladies this is wonderful and you have saved a life of a woman and restored those things that were stolen by the enemy. Its really nice to see how ladies got united in MaShelembe's situation as they showed her unconditional support after her husband humiliated her. God bless every one who made this possible, this is beautiful. When God shows up, He really does show off. She looks gorgeous. May God bless everyone that was involved in the planning of this event, she really needed this pampering because she has been through a lot.

Look at God, He showed up and showed off just when she had lost hope, her life was changed. I am so happy for her and her baby She's gorgeous who knew. I want to salute you ladies, u have shown the power of love and the strength embedded in women. See how far women can go if we stood together. I hope some of us will emulate you some day. Big up ladies and may God continue to bless you for this wonderful deed. In every pain keep quiet and trust God.God will lay the table infront of everyone and watch as you are eating.It is happening now, congradulations enjoy your tears of so many years. 

God bless the giving hand. She is really praying a living miracle God. God bless her and those who took part to this provincial baby shower. It turns us to look older, end up not knowing who we really are look how beautiful she is, Please maintain this beauty sweetheart and make that Sthuphethu regret everything he did to you. Mashelembe really deserves the special treatment she's getting and its a shame that her husband did not appreciate her.

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