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JUST IN| DNA Tests Will Be Conducted Freely at Government Hospitals and Clinics

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Yes the rumors are true, the government just confirmed that DNA tests will be conducted free of charge at public hospitals including local clinics. However, the free tests doesn't only come freely, but with a possibility of imprisonment if the tests come back positive and you haven't been supporting the child.

These new development is set to be launched by the department of health in June current year.

Other reports states that after the DNA had been conducted and the results comes back positive, child maintenance is automatically added and it is compulsory. This new development is going to set many people free since some children are being born and got rejected by their fathers claiming that it's not his or her child.

Due to expensive DNA tests, many women out there are single mothers because they have been rejected and forced to take their mother's name because the father doesn't want to take part in the growing up of their kids.

One person submitted her comment saying that if a lady takes some guy for DNA tests and the results comes back Negative, legal actions of imprisonment must be taken against the women for defamation of character.

Someone says that when the DNA tests comes back positive, both parents must support the child 50/50 or full support should be awarded to the most financial stable parent instead of forcing the father to support the child with little peanuts that he's earning.

What is your opinion under this new development in our public hospitals and clinics.

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