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She asked her kids to pack her lunch box and this is what she found inside her bag at work

Parents who drink alcohol in front of their children and in excess may cause fear in their younger children and humiliation in their older children. As with driving, handle parenting similarly; do not exceed the posted speed limit. Children are supposed to be handled with caution in these settings.

Even if you avoid drinking in front of your children, they may mistake your beer for juice if they discover it in the refrigerator. A mother recently revealed on social media her children's lunch bag. "I asked my children to pack my lunch," she wrote in her post.

This made a lot of people chuckle, as her children had packed her a cider in her lunch box. "That's what happens when you drink in front of children all the time," one of the people who read her picture added. "They saw how happy mommy is on a Saturday and wanted mommy to be happy at work."

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