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Did She Cheat On Her Boyfriend, Mzansi Reacts After Seeing The Woman's Baby

As soon as most members of the public saw the images of the couple as well as their baby they knew that something was wrong here there is no way that a black couple can give birth to an Indian baby, let's just break it down there and just live there without going further. We have to understand that we have to know where this baby is coming from.

Why are members of the public the ones who are mostly concerned about the whereabouts of the baby's father, because we know that something is wrong here and the current father seems to be embracing the baby with so much love and affection it seems like it doesn't matter to him what is going on in his life.

Members of the public have not wasted any time in mentioning that this is definitely not the father this baby is someone else is paying and what is more troubling is the affected this baby has hair resembling that of a Pakistan national so we know that black people do not have hair like that, so we have to be very concerned about what is really going on here because it is without a doubt that the baby’s father has to be in the picture because she is currently not in the picture the woman has a lot to answer for.

It seems like the woman is the one who is withholding a lot of things in this incident and we're very concerned about it because she is not coming clean about the baby, what really happening in this matter and the funny thing is that the boyfriend doesn’t seem to be suspecting anything, it seems He is convinced that he is the real father of the baby but of course he is not suspecting anything that is wrong here which does not mean there isn't anything wrong.

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