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Good News For Mothers Can't Afford Baby Formula

A concerned mother, who is also a registered dietitian took to Facebook to share a message that could definitely help mothers with babies who are still using formula. Due to looting at the time, however, this strategy could also work for those who can't afford the formula. At the time of the looting, a lot of people were affected in different ways. There were mothers who could not even find baby formula at the shops. This meant that they struggled to feed their babies.

There is a woman who took to Facebook to Facebook to share advice on how to make their own formula at home for their little ones, until things get back to normal. It was a sad situation indeed, where people had to find alternatives for baby formula. Who could have thought this would ever happen. 

 Most parents thanked her so much for sharing such important information. This will probably even those who just cannot afford formula. This message is from a registered dietitian and therefore anyone who uses this method may be helping their little ones. It may treat your baby well as it is from a registered dietitian. This is what the dietitian posted on Facebook:


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