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Pregnancy period

Do Men Get Sick Too After Making a Woman Pregnant?

Do men get sick too after making a woman pregnant?

So many times when a woman is pregnant its usually her who experiences morning sicknesses alone or maybe men have been ignored for years whil theya also experience them, here are the answers to the questions from the EXPERT, the morning sickness condition is called couvade, or sympathetic pregnancy. Its not a real sickness even though you experience the symptoms.

We different some can't sleep, some always feel the need to sleep, like myself with my first daughter I'll alway sleep, it doesn't matter where I am long as I'm comfortable I'll sleep, right now I'm experiencing the same thing again no amount of sleep is enough.

" I had stomach cramps nyana & acting strange and my gogo told me that she suspected that I impregnated someone I denied. That was way before the baby momma misses her periods Few days later she gave me a pregnancy tester with 2 lines."

Some will never hadve any cravings, morning sickness or heartburn but their husband on the other hand will be going through the most he's experiencing all of that😂😂. He even gained weight, his sleeping patterns are crazy.

Apart from gaining weight, being tired and sleepy.. There isn’t any sickness we get.. It’s probably just a coincidence thats all. A lot and its so irritating and getting worked up so easily especially if she's pregnant with a girl or if she's pregnant and she didn't tell you(she's keeping it a secret) something report to us first.

" You have Idea, I even booked myself for checkup and Dr said they didn't see any, is just full bag of illnesses and they come quick and fast. But he did asked me if I slept with someone without protection in the last two weeks."

Sickness is loving intimacy too much, that's why in most cases you'll find side chick pregnant in same year with wife/main chick.

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