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Newborn Baby Greets Dad With A Beaming Smile The Instant She Recognizes His Voice

Before Tarsila Batista leaves for work each morning, her husband welcomes the infant and promises to be there for him or her. And every time she does, she begins to kick and move. It is established that the father and daughter have a unique bond. He spoke to her while she was still on her mother's lap because he was so moved to finally meet his girl.

She dozed on her mother's lap when the healing group allowed her parents to meet Antonella. She is put through her paces as she sleeps, but she will undoubtedly be a daddy's girl, Tarsila said.

When the father leaned in to say the same things again, Antonella opened her eyes and grinned. People from all over the world have expressed their satisfaction and joy at seeing the parents' faces when the infant grinned.

Little Antonella endured weeks and months from the day she was born until she heard her father talk to her, but the precious moment was caught on camera, and the image has since gone viral. Up to 26 weeks after conception, babies are capable of processing sound. During this time, they respond to external cries and may even find comfort in their parents' voices.

Flavio was overwhelmed by the commitment to life, but Antonella's mother claimed that it was a gift from her Lord. Tarsila shared her love with the world by posting images of herself and her daughter when he returned home, but she was just as much bitten by love and sadness as her father. There is no value in doubt, she continued. And I sincerely hope she won't forget this lovely day.

Without a doubt, Antonella is a happy girl since she has such loving and supportive parents. She is a precious gem fashioned by God, and I am overjoyed for her and Flavio's family.

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