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" If suicide wins, please tell my son that I love him"

Depression is real. It affects many people in many ways for many reasons. With mental illness comes anxiety, panic attacks and thoughts of suicide. If you know some suffering from mental illness be kind, loving, and patient. Morolong is suffering from depression. He says he has been contemplating suicide for some time now and it looks like he might go ahead and do it. This is what he posted on his timeline;

"If suicide wins, please tell my son that i love him.I am trying to fight, but it seems like im fighting fire with petrol."

"Whatever it is you are going through, talk to someone about it and get help. Don't keep it to yourself.This little boy is looking up to you and you have to be there for him no matter what." Said @Yurai_Makwarimba.

"I lost my dad from suicide and it left me in the mist of misery. Don't leave your son with questionable situations that don't have any answers. Fight your demons and the negative thoughts. I can recommend a book for you to read. Please hit me up." Said @Thato_Manaka.


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