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" I had Two Babies From Two Different Father's When I Was In High School" - Lesson Learned

Please post for me as anonymous. I had two babies from different fathers when I was in high school. My parents and everyone that cared for me were very disappointed. I failed matric and my parents kicked me out, they took my kids from me. I stayed with a guy and he impregnated me. When the child was 2 months old he kicked me out.

I was 20 then. I met an older guy and he promised me heaven and earth. I moved in with him and he helped me to raise my baby. He told me he wanted his own baby and I couldn't say no because I was dependent on him. I fell pregnant before my baby could turn one. The guy died when I was 8 months pregnant and his sisters kicked me out of the house. I moved in with a distant relative until I gave birth. She found me a job at an Indian shop so that I could work for my kids. I rented a back room in the township.

Staying alone made me think hard about the decisions about my life. I met a married man and he took good care of me. He rented me a bigger place and I went to fetch my first two kids from my parents. The married guy registered me at college to complete matric and after that I registered at Unisa. He found me a better job while I was studying through Unisa. To cut the story short, my married guy dumped me after 6 years of being with me because he wanted to concentrate on his wife. Luckily he didn't leave me with a child, but I'm far better that I was before I met him. Today I am 30 and have a good job. I am the best mother to my children. My relationship with my parents and siblings is improving everyday. One day I will meet a man that will appreciate me with my 4 kids. Most guys I meet so far run away when they hear I have 4 kids.

My children are my blessings and I will always choose them over a man. I thought I should share my story with the young ones.

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