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South African Kids Who Became Famous and Rich Before reaching 5 years


04 October 2021

Report by T Ximba

Kids are blessings from God. During the pregnancy period, parents always pray to give birth to a child who is smart. God blesses us differently but not every child demonstrates their talent at a younger age. For some people, it may take years before they get to discover their talents. This may be due to the environment where a person finds themselves in and not just the environment but also the support system they have.

If some, for instance, is a good actor but lives in a society where there is a lack of resources they will not be able to realize that they can do wonders on stage.

While for some people it may take years before they discover the capabilities they have other kids were able to get into the entertainment industry and make money before they even turned 10. In this article, we will be looking at those kids.

1. Valdo.

Valdo is a son of a musician rapper and songwriter, and TV presenter who goes by the name of Lin Douh. Valdo was only showing parental love but mzansi showed affection to the child as he looked smart and adorable. He is currently a dancer and singer.

2. Luh

You remember the child from skits by Mthandeni Mahlaba. Luh is a niece of Mthandeni Mahlaba, one of the most popular YouTubers in South Africa. Almost everyone in the family of Mahlaba is a good actor Lux Mthandeni's mother is a good actor. Luh started acting at the age of 3 with his uncle. Currently, Mthandeni's net worth is estimated to be R3 million and Luh has his share in that R3 million.

3. Dj Arch Junior.

DJ Arch Junior is a professional award-winning DJ, he has won many titles participated in many competitions. DJ Arch Junior is even the world's genuineness record holder as he is the youngest DJ. This amazing child started playing at the age of 3,.his father helped him learn how to mix.

4. Ndlovu wase Bhayi.

Even though Ndlovu is no more he was a good entertainer and a comedian from Eastern Cape. The poor child allegedly from the deadly bite of a snake. Even though Ndlovu may not be anymore, his contribution to the entertainment industry will always be remembered.

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South African T Ximba


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