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Pregnancy period

She Gave Birth During Her Final Exams But Still Obtained A Bachelor’s Degree

This story is that relating to young pregnancy whilst studying. Kaylem Davids beat the odds against her.


This was shared on Facebook via the #ImStaying group in which a lady by name of Shireen Ebrahim posted the short story of Kaylem.

The post was captioned: ‘’All Glory to God. Well done and Congratulations. Kaylem Davids gave birth in her finals and still obtained a Bachelors Degree. She chose not to give up her studies during her pregnancy because she believes her son deserves the best and that’s her motivation. Forward post credits: Feroza Dorasamy, HEELS International Facebook Group.’’

The post got some reactions instantly.

This is inspiring as it is known that pregnancy may have an affect on the performance of the person as they need to cope with many things all at the same time.

It makes it more inspirational that she was able to pass well on her examinations.

We congratulate and this is motivations for those in similar situations as her.  

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Kaylem Davids


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