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Pregnancy period

What Do Unborn Babies Do Inside The Woman's Womb?

Pregnancy is without a doubt one of the most wonderful experiences a woman may have in her lifetime. As the baby grows, a new episode is added to the pregnancy phase every week. Every day, the kid in the womb grows and learns new things. Have you ever wondered what happens to newborns while they are still in the womb? So, you're about to find out the answers. Here are some incredible things that babies perform while still in the womb.

1. Take a deep breath.

Everyone, even newborns in the womb, requires oxygen to survive. Babies breathe oxygen through the umbilical cord in the womb, but they still do breathing exercises so that they can breathe even after they are no longer in the womb. Around the 9th week of pregnancy, you should begin this workout.

2. They open and close their eyes.

Even when still in the womb, your kid has the ability to open and close their eyes. The fetus begins to become sensitive to light signals around the 27th week of pregnancy. It reacts to light, despite the fact that there isn't much to see within.

3. Turning, twisting, and kicking

Babies begin to employ their reflexes as soon as they enter their first home. Its initial playground is your womb. During the middle of your pregnancy, movements like twisting, kicking, turning, and punching will become increasingly common.

4. Smiling

From about the 26th week of pregnancy, several 4D scans have clearly displayed photographs of babies smiling while in the womb.

5. Weeping.

Crying can also be traced back to the womb. The first cry of a baby outside the womb is significant because it signals that the baby's brain is receiving adequate oxygen and is functioning normally.

6. Food tasting

Certain flavors of meals consumed by pregnant women are reflected in the amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus. Certain food flavors, including as garlic, ginger, and sweetness, have the power to change the taste of amniotic fluid. When a baby enjoys a certain flavor, it consumes more amniotic fluid. This is most likely nature's way of preparing the infant for the various flavors it would be exposed to after birth.

7. Peeing

Because your baby is peeing inside the womb, you may find yourself using the toilet frequently when pregnant to clear your bladder. Babies begin urinating inside the womb about the 12th week of pregnancy. This allows the baby to remove any wastes that may have accumulated inside its body.

8. Paying attention.

Babies begin to listen to outside noise around the third trimester, according to studies. They may even kick lightly in response to certain sounds. Despite not comprehending their words, they recognize their mother's voice. As a result, you should chat to your child as this is an excellent way to bond with your unborn child.

9. Yawning

Things can be rather boring for a kid inside its little home, so it's understandable if your adorable little one yawns from time to time while in the womb. This can be seen in some ultra-sound images.

10. Hiccupping

During the first few weeks of life, babies learn to hiccup, but these hiccups may be too subtle to notice. During the last trimester of pregnancy, it may be extremely evident, although many pregnant mothers may not detect it at all.


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