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Dad Are Second God, See What A Father Did To His Child In Order To Sleep

Many fathers lack the time and motivation to care for their weeping children. They delegate that responsibility to their wives. Even if they agree to care for their grieving children, they do so sluggishly. The dad in your photo was caught on camera doing something to his infant to put him to sleep.

When you watch the video carefully, you can tell that the father is exhausted and wants to sleep, but the baby does not want him to sleep peacefully. As a result, the father placed his baby's legs in his nika. The man was spotted dozing while his youngster struggled to sleep.

After watching the video, some social media users stated that the father is really innovative. He can't strap his infant to his back and sleep before he can sleep. Others criticised him for his careless approach to his child. Some social media users were amused by the way the father opened his mouth and slept while the youngster was in his nika.Source:

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