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Your Sperm and I will pay you 300k Cash – Wealthy Beautiful Lady Announces Online


A woman by the name of Pierra Peculiar seem to in desperate need of a child because she is asking men to donate they sperm and she is will to pay big.

She is offering to 300k to any man who is will to donate their sperm to her.

The announcement was made through social media in detail she is reward according to her offer she will be paying out 80k just for the sperm which when converted to other currencies it 300k for sperm donation.

The way I see it got heart broken so much that doesn't want to take any chances on love. So she decided to have a child on her own by purchasing a sperm online. Or she is a lesbian and she really wants to start a family and she is in desperate need of a sperm between the two.

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Pierra Peculiar


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