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Pregnancy period

Disadvantages Of Publicly Displaying Your Pregnancy On Social Media.

We live in a modern world where you can send a message or news to many people using social media, but there are some things you should keep to yourself; not everything needs to be announced on social media; many people today have attracted evil eyes to themselves as a result of what they post on social media, and these things can lead to death.

In today's article, I'll discuss the disadvantages of publicly announcing your pregnancy on social media. Many mothers have died as a result of these mistakes, and as a good mother who wants to live a long life on this planet, you must avoid them.

1. When you announce your pregnancy on social media, both good and bad people will be drawn to you.

There are some people in life who doesn't need any good news, and these people are the enemies of progress. Pregnancy is a gift from God, and it is not by human hands or power. People who despise you may hear you are pregnant but will not believe you; however, when they see your pregnant pictures on social media, it triggers evil in their minds, and they can use those pictures to track you down spiritually, and if you are not prayerful, you may die during the delivery process.

2. When you announce your pregnancy on social media and then have problems with the pregnancy and eventually no baby is born, it causes people to gossip about you, and they can all say nasty things about you.

As a responsible mother, try to keep the majority of your martial life off social media. It's not everything the entire world needs to hear, so try to save yourself from your enemies. Most people can't even drink water without posting it on social media, so please try not to expose yourself entirely to social media.

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