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People Wept When Sister Thembi Helped This Young Man Whose Friend Had Done This To Him.

Now you understand why our parents forbade us from lending our school books to our pals. Unemployment in South Africa is caused by the fact that he's always been captivated by his friend, who blocks him from succeeding. 

#DlozLami is on tonight! Sello claims that his life is in a rut and he has no plans for the future. Everything he touches ends up a complete and utter failure. Aside from helping him figure out what's wrong with him, he's requested Sis Themb for assistance in getting his life back on track. Her maternal grandma shielded Sello from danger. If you'd let him read his book, he'd already be a drug addict. When he borrowed someone else's book, he stifled his own intelligence. Scholarships and bursaries allowed him to participate in witchcraft. In school, he was a serious menace.

The instructions intended him to become a hobo because they wanted to ensure that he would never achieve anything in life. Many college graduates are finding it difficult to land a job. Because they're terrified of what you'll become, there are always some who stand in your way. 

Children should be warned by their parents not to lend their school books to their pals, as this person was possessed solely due to his or her intelligence. As a result of our long history of racial discrimination, it's no surprise that black people are naturally drawn to the use of black magic and witchcraft to gain an advantage in society. When you're born smart, it's easy for you to learn how to use witchcraft on other kids because you work harder. Even though there is pain, God always comes out on top. 

Therefore, I always advise people to seek advice and observe what's going on in their own lives. You won't believe how hard people are working to bring you down. So make an appointment with a prophet or a sangoma now! Fight to the death. As it turns out, many of us can identify. One of the things that's killing us is our own parents. People are hearing about everything our parents/family members archive. Because not everyone wants to see us thrive, it's costing us a lot of time and effort. 

There are a lot of grads who are having a hard time finding work due of this world's unfairness, not because they went to the wrong school. 

Theresa Nyathi 

Education and self-improvement are two things you should never give up on, and you should always stand up to find out what's preventing you from accomplishing your God-given mission." In 2022, Sis Thembi


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