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Pregnancy period

Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the hardest yet precious things for a woman to go through. A lot of women want to be pregnant but are having difficulties in making their dreams come true. Here are some of the things that pregnant women should avoid during pregnancy.

1. Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is one of the hardest things to avoid during pregnancy because it can become stressful sometimes and you end up needing something to take the edge off and release stress.

Women who drink a lot of alcohol during pregnancy are putting the unborn baby at risk of having health issues later in life and this can sometimes result in stillbirth.

2. Smoking

Smoking is a very dangerous thing to do because it can harm the baby and the mother also. It can cause lung issues for the mother and for the unborn baby in the long run.

3. Drinking too much caffeine

Caffeine is also one of the hardest things to quit during pregnancy because some people are addicted to and can't go a day without it. The recommended intake for pregnant women is a maximum of two cups a day. This is because going beyond that recommended amount can cause low birth weight and also stillbirth.

Pregnancy is a very sacred thing that needs to be a priority for all woman. This means taking care of your body in order to have a smooth delivery and healthy baby.

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