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Meet A 13-Years-Old Sun Jisu, Who Allegedly Hacked Facebook, WhatsApp And Instagram

Can you imagine, now I understand why people are slamming Africans, when we are teaching our children to be religiously strong, when we are teaching our children to raise families, and all kinds of other stuff that are not much beneficiary for their lives.

It is good to teach our kids all these other things, but one or two things that I have seen that are lacking with black people, we never teach our kids financial education, and we never teach our kids technological advancement.

Some of the parents they've got a law of not buying their children electronic gadgets. They are saying when they've got a phone, a tablet or a laptop, they will forget their school work.

The phone or that laptop, can teach your kids how to improve themselves technologically. You may realise that they become technological Gurus. Now a lot of us are very strict with our kids owning any electronic gadget, how would a thirteen-year-old achieve such a milestone of hacking Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The biggest social medias in the world that, almost everyone rely on for communication. Most of our day-to-day activities there are on the people, they are people that are running meetings and businesses through social media.

You can rerely find them in the office. All things they do through social media platforms. So you think this child can be able to pull that stunt without knowing a phone, without knowing a tablet or a laptop.

Sometimes we think we are trying to discipline our kids, only to find out that we are pulling ourselves back. This is very challenging, a 13 year old made the whole world to stand still.

On 4 October 2021, Facebook and ALL of its messaging and social media platforms went down for about six hours, including Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram!

Some websites and Facebook pages started claiming that the failure was due to a 13 year-old Chinese hacker called Sun Jisu.

International media claimed that “China” was behind the suspension of social media services in the world.

According to Reuters, a Chinese hacker named “Sun Jisu” is responsible for stopping the services of “Facebook”, “WhatsApp” and Instagram, and added that the Chinese hackers are only 13 years old.

The Chinese hacker “Sun Ji Su” has topped the famous search engines and Twitter platforms during the past minutes, after disabling WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook in all countries of the world, amid questions among activists about the details of this information.

The Chinese hacker who disrupted Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram around the world.

Sun Jisu, who hacked the three sites and also caused Facebook employees to be prevented from entering the headquarters of the global institution after disabling the electronic portals and caused an economic loss estimated at billions dollars around the world

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