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Pregnancy period

If You Notice Any Of These Four Symptoms Then You Are One Month Pregnant

Detecting Pregnancy can sometimes not be easy as some symptoms of pregnancy are similar to fever, acute malaria etc During pregnancy, once the fetus is formed, the body's equipment begins to adjust to accommodate the baby. Changes begin in your body that make you wonder if you are sick or pregnant.

Most women start counting their menstrual cycles when they see unusual odds.

This is a common early pregnancy symptoms In Ladies

1. For many women, frequent urination is one of the routine symptoms after pregnancy.

During early pregnancy and as the baby grows, the amount of blood will increase, causing hormones in the system to stimulate the kidneys and bladder to expand and excrete more urine, which helps the body excrete more waste.

2. Another sign and symptom is alternating chest lengths. During early pregnancy, the breasts become very tender due to hormonal changes. It can also make breasts smoother or heavier.

3. Mild To Severe Headaches

During pregnancy, hormonal changes promote the development of multiple blood vessels, which can lead to unexplained emotional episodes and complex complications that can lead to headaches

4. Fatigue:

Once you start noticing constant sleepiness and not feeling well all the time, it's phenomenal. Visit a doctor for pregnancy, consultation.

4. When you are pregnant, you form an addiction that you don't want to eat. Some of your favorite dishes turn out to be even worse.

You can also start yearning for unique types of food. The smell of some food ends up pissing you off. When you see sudden changes this is an indication.

Have you ever fallen pregnant before? What symptoms made you to find out you are pregnant?

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