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After noticing this on a 7 days old babys face mother ask for help please see below

Mothers worry about everything more especially when it comes to their kids. And having a newborn baby sometimes it's painful because they are complicated and they need special attention. And no matter how much attention you give to them it's never enough because it's one problem after the other.

Mothers of newborn babies go through a lot as newborn babies change now and then. But sometimes they worry about nothing as we know that some newborn babies come with complications when they are born or after birth, and one of those things it's skin. Newborn babies skin is sensitive that's why mothers are advised not to apply hush things on their skin.

A mother took to social media account and shared that her 7 days old baby has skin problems and pleaded with other mothers to help her. What looks like a rush on the baby's forehead got a mother scared. Of which Is normal for a newborn baby because they react to anything, but it's not normal for Mother to accept anything that's why she probably asked for help.

One this about people on social media especially mothers they will never let another mother suffer, and another thing about seeking help is that you will get it and in the process, you get to learn things you didn't know like what to do when you come across a situation you cant handle.

Like in this situation some people will get to learn more about what to do when they come across such. Because mothers gave out a lot of advice, it might look like mothers worry too much but you never know who will help you. We have mothers who spend a lot of money just to make sure their babies are ok. Not knowing that sometimes you don't need money but the cure it's in the house.

Like for instance, someone said if your baby has that on their face you can use breastmilk and apply it and that rush will go away in no time. Who knew that breastmilk can cure a baby's face? Today we learned something new that might help some people out there.

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