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Top 5 tribes in South Africa that have the best mother-in-law's. [Opinion]

There is a certain negative stigma that is attached to mother-in-laws and for most people who are looking at things from afar think that mother in laws tend to give a hard time to their daughter in laws. But not every mother in law comes with all the drama that is consistently shared by people on Social media.

What makes a person a good mother in law.

Well there are a few things that will make one to be considered the best mother in law to either daughter in law or their son in law. Being respectful to the couple especially the new family member is important. Now that another person has become part of the family it is impossible not to choose sides especially when the couple is having problems. Keep your opinions to yourself it's important to let the couple make their own decisions with regards to how they will operate their household.

Here are the top 5 tribes in South Africa with the best mother in laws in my Opinion.

Xhosa tribe. The Xhosa tribe has one of the best mother in laws as these women tend not to take sides.

Pedi. This tribe has some of the most protective mother inlwas it sounds bad but it's a good characteristic to have.

Zulus. While it's half and half ,the Zulu has one of the most respectful older women and they make quite good mother in laws.

Vhenda. This is a very cultural tribe and they mostly do well in their own tribes but can also be good mother in laws outside.

Tsongas. This tribe is also a good one when it comes to having the best mother in law.

Let's be honest it's easy to be the best mother in law if your daughter in law comes from the same tribe but with these new times people are marrying outside of the cultures.

Who is on you top 5? Comment down below.


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