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Pregnancy period

Pretty makes a decision about her pregnancy

Pretty learnt her lesson and will not let her daughter make the same error she did. At the very least, I'm relieved that MaNtuli has refused to allow Pretty to have an abortion, and I'm furious at Kwaito's reaction towards this issue.

Manyuli, on the other hand, should leave Pretty alone because she isn't in high school and she Is old enough to make her own decisions. If she says she isn't in her house while cheating on her husband next door, she should move out because it is Pretty's house more than hers.

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Pretty is the daughter of Mantuli That's what she should've said in yesterday's show; it appears that they won't let her make her own pregnancy decisions because MaNtuli insists on doing things her way. Pretty is already in trouble now that Mantuli has returned. This type of parenting will continue to send youngsters to the hospital with chest issues.

Kwaito's sadness and disappointment when he learnt that Lehasa was the father. He had been torn apart, and I suppose it all came back to haunt him in his current circumstances. Nonetheless, as children grow older, Pretty should remain strong. If she chooses not to let Lehasa be a part of the baby's existence, she will have to be strong enough to shoulder the obligations on her alone. MaNtuli is acting as if she is more holy than thou. She had also been having an affair with a married man. Like mother, like daughter, and she should be able to relate to Petty's predicament because she has been there herself.

Viewers believe Mantuli will take advantage of Petty's pregnancy, claiming she will demand a double story from Lehasa. Kat had previously offered her a position at Sfiso. Kwaito did a decent thing by reminding her that he is still paying her hospital bills and that she needed to quit bothering him about money.


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